Reclaiming Our Doodles

Reclaiming Our Doodles: A Workshop to develop a self-care doodle practice with Jen Leach & Marianne R.Petit. There are two cartoon illustrations, representing each of the facilitators. Both with glasses. One with red hair holding a pencil. The other smiling and pointing at the viewer.

RECLAIMING OUR DOODLES: A workshop to develop a self-care doodle practice 

Are you a stressed-out Zoom zombie by day and a Netflix-and-doom-scrolling zombie by night? Are you suffering from burnout in the age of Covid? Join us for RECLAIMING OUR DOODLES, a fun workshop to help you take old-school, pen-to-paper doodling a bit more seriously. You’ll connect with other like-minded folx and learn to make a daily doodle practice an integral part of your self-care regimen. In the process, we hope you’ll also gain confidence and reconnect with the doodling pleasure you once had, before you might have decided that you were not a “good” artist.

We work with both groups and individuals in a variety of settings. With experience in both graphic and narrative medicine, our 90-minute workshops aim to establish a caring and supportive environment for self-expression and self-care.

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